Friday, 31 December 2010

Yess, this is the day!

Finally, the last day of the year of 2010, though I'm working, but still..felt so excited and exhilarated! As usual and said by many of you, too many things happened within this year! Studies, family issues, relationships, friendships, financial, social, career, yadi yadi yada.. And too, as what all the people said, 这一年是个转折点!LOL~ Sound familiar huh? Everyone's been saying that years over years XD

And well, let's talk about what happened recently. Right few days before the Xmas, went to Chadstone Shopping centre with Maggie until 5am in the morning(Wootz~!) and got a polo shirt and a Logitech sound system=P Few days ago, had the Xmas 'celebration' at Benny's( Chinta Blue's 2nd chef) house with Maggie and other 2 collegue (we are sort of specially invited, XD). It was a simple dinner, really simple...only some peking duck, some herb soup, some fish, some beef, some chicken, some veg, and some champange..LOL, yea, sort of like a simple dinner XD

Last day, went to the Puma factory outlet with Sonu, and it was really a brilliant move! I got 2 pairs of sport shoes and a polo shirt under brand of Puma with just 85 dollars in total! Were so cheap! 40% off store wide btw. lol. Opps, and too, got a Lacoste boston bag for 175 dollars (orginal price 249 dollars), wheee~ Though it's in different color, who cares~ It looks cool anyways=)

Right, plans for tonight: work hard to make a good ending for this year, then, watch fireworks at Yarra River, then, sing K with Vanice till 6am~!!! Rawrrrrrr~~!

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my beloved ones, my friends and family, and...who ever that knows me and viewing this post!!!2011年快乐!!!

Friday, 17 December 2010


好想回家=(( 进来太多事发生,心理上好累,真想回家歇一歇,好想阿嬷啊!!>.<

Wednesday, 15 December 2010




好,here's the summary of the whole trip:
Forgot the days and routines, but we went to the Melbourne Zoo (because we missed the bus to Yarra Valley), the Eureka Skydeck, Crown Casino, Chappel St., Men's Gallery, then went to the Great Ocean Road (rainy day and we got wet seriously=.=), Yarra Valley n Healesville Sanctuary (should have gone to Domaine Chandon wine yard, but we got off from bus at wrong place=.=), Queens Victoria Market, then brought him to eat in places with good food>> Pacific BBQ Restaurant, Duck Duck Goose at QV, cream puffs at QV, Korean all-you-can-eat BBQ at Russel St., and the last day, Vietnamese Noodles House for lunch.

对不起没带到你去Dockland和Harbour Town,真的很想带你去,只是情况不允许,对不起。 最后一晚和你到 Stalatic 去吃宵夜,然后到Flagstaff Garden去找澳洲独有的树熊,真的很高兴,其中也带着些伤感。
Supper at Stalatic
Supper with dessert platter XD
Finally he found what he wanted to see=)
My turn=)

I hope you enjoyed your trip and really hope to see you here again. Take care my buddy, i really appreciate everything and appreciate to have a friend like you in my life, thank you so much!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Days with Nicholas and Quinnie

Oooopppsss, they have finally arrived in Melbourne!! ( 2 days ago XD) Been waited for so long in the airport, and finally they were out from the terminal..feel so pleased~! Nicholas will be staying in my room until he's back to Malaysia, while Quinnie stays at her brother's place.

We haven't really plan anything for the trips yet ( sad case:-( ) But I brought Nicholas to the city and walked all way long on the Swanston Street (the busiest street in the city of Melbourne), had roast duck rice for our lunch at the Pacific Restaurant, and then went to Quinnie's brother's place to rest, and watched 黄子华's show...then went to a Chinese restaurant in China Town for dinner. Then, we went to the Crown Casino and walked along the Yarra River, with gelati as dessert=)

On 2nd day, unfortunately, I need to work at 5pm =( So am only able to accompany them until 4pm >.< @Gloria Jeans in QV after lunch

Shall go for some day tours...perhaps the Great Ocean Road; or the Chandon place?? Whatever~ Gonna sort them out tomorrow=)

Good night~

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Buddies of "May-Our-Paths" (Quinnie & Nicholas)are coming to Melbourne to visit me and will be staying here for a week plussssss, so expecting!! XD Haven't been seeing them for so so sooo long (time really does fly...shall I say, spurt @.@) Just realized that I've been in Melbourne for nearly a year..Xmas is just around the corner, then New year of 2011, then Chinese New Year yadi yadi yada~ I want my Chinese New Year to be in Malaysia with my family and friends!!! T.T

I'm sort of facing all kinds of snags know, friendships, family issues, work, wuwawuwa...whatever=.= Been nagged by my manager on my English proficiency..said to be my English sucks big time!! Even worse than a new Vietnamese staff who couldn't speak well!! *WTF* Anyways, I got some English work books and also some basic English guides to put myself on the right track, hopefully they help :-S

Financial issues...arghhhh!!! Things will take a turn for the better anyways, just need to concentrate on work and wait=)

Uhmmm...whatelse...cut my hair 2 days ago, to groom myself up to welcome my buddies and also hanging out with them XD We surely will have great time to be spent together! =)

Time to cook for lunch, ta everyone~